Vodka Books

You need to own that!
Let’s continue with some alcoholic presents that do not contain any chance to get drunk. At least not instantly. If you prefer not to bring alcoholic presents, you can still find a nice present that will be appreciated.

Readable Vodka infusions can be found everywhere. Victorino Matus, senior editor of “The weekly Standard” has written one of the best ones. It tells us “How a colorless, flavorless spirit conquered America”. This book is real fun to read. It makes you inquisitive about Vodka also. Even if you preferred other beverages in the past, you may find yourself comparing flavored Vodkas in a Supermarket. It may also happen that you decide to buy a Vodka cocktail book to test some brands. Read more about great Vodkas like “Grey Goose” or “Tito’s Handmade Vodka” from Texas, about the Vodka brand “Ketel One” or “Skyy Vodka”. You will get a lot of inside information and enjoy personal tales from an interesting business.

If you know someone who wants to learn more about international Vodka brands, you better hand him the book “Vodka distilled: The modern mixologist on Vodka and Vodka cocktails”. Author Tony Abou-Ganim is quite experienced on the matter. He allows a comprehensive look into the international Vodka market. Did you know that Vodka is the most consumed alcoholic drink worldwide? Do you know why Vodka brands and distillery processes differ from each other? Professionals in the Vodka business will have as much fun with this book as all the non-professional Vodka enthusiasts worldwide.

If you wish to be more influential with your present, you should know Ray Foley. The great book “The Vodka 1.000: The Ultimate Collection of Vodka Cocktails, Recipes, Facts, and Resources” from the famed publisher of the “Bartender Magazine” reveals all things about Vodka you ever wanted to know. The best presents are those you give to yourself. The second best presents are those which you would like to own and give away freely. Second thoughts and egoistic reasons can not always be excluded. If you hope that your new neighbor or father-in-law learns to make a good Vodka cocktail, support them in becoming experts. Ray Foleys book gives away 750 cocktail and 50 food recipes with Vodka as well as a lot of fascinating information. What would this planet be without great inventions like Vodka Lemon-Meringue Layer Cake? What would James Bond be without a Vodka Martini?

If you need to inspire a cooking fan, you can add some glasses of “Rao’s Homemade Vodka Sauce” to your Christmas-parcel. You can order a pack of four glasses which combine a beautiful and rich mixture of tomatoes from Italy with typical Romano and Parmesan cheeses and Vodka. This sauce fits any gourmet kitchen well. By the way… here’s one recipe.

If you wish to give a great book to a person with historical interest and past engagement in the temperance movement, we recommend Patricia Herlihys book “The Alcoholic Empire: Vodka & Politics in Late Imperial Russia”. It reveals a lot of things which still influence Russian life and politics. The prevalence of Vodka in Russian history is remarkable. Overconsumption has been a problem in olden and modern times. On the other hand, Vodka was responsible for essential government revenues. How can the backbone of an economy really be fought? The roots of many past problems in Russia continued to spread into modern Russian life. Herlihys book is illustrated richly and makes for a great read too. If you know more about Russian identity, you can judge more wisely.



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