Go Fish

The blank page that was supposed to contain my business project sat on my laptop staring back at me. With no brain cells left to contribute anything worthwhile to said project, I threw in the towel and decided to blow off some steam instead. It had been a ridiculously tough couple of months and was nearing the end of the work week, so I set out to find some buddies and drink myself into a stupor. The project could wait another day.

I’m typically a hard liquor-drinking kind of person. So many of my acquaintances and co-workers waste their time with light beers and nasty wine coolers playing lame games, but I have a group of friends that enjoy the good stuff like me. This particular weekend, one of those friends came by who had learned a new drinking game version of Go Fish that’s best played with vodka, so I was in.

Here’s how to play the adult version of Go Fish
You can play with any number of players from 2 and up, but it gets boring when there are more than 4 or 5.

Shuffle the cards from a regular deck of cards and deal 5 cards to each player.

Spread the remaining cards out in the middle of the table. This is the “fish pond”.

Player number 1 chooses a card out of the fish pile and flips it over.

Every player consults their own hand of card and chooses a card that is equal to or higher than the value of the flipped over card. Everyone places their chosen card down on the table.

If a player does not have a card of equal or higher value, they can pull a card from the fish pond. If they are able to play that card, they’re in the clear. If the pulled card is of a lower value than the first flipped card, they must hang on to that card and take a shot of vodka.

After everyone has either played or drank, all of the cards that were played get flipped back over and mixed into the existing fish pile. Players hang on to their original hands.

It can get a little confusing, but if you want to spice it up a bit, here’s a suggestion:
When a player places a King down on the table, all players must then pass their hands to the player to their right and continue to play with the new hand they were just given.

The first player to discard their entire hand is the winner.

Did I bring back any twisted childhood memories with this game? Only a couple of rounds in and we were all nicely buzzed and already forgetting about our daily stresses and problems that were getting us down. Next time you need a break, grab a bottle and get playing!

Play responsibly. Never drink and drive!
Women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.


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