Vodka Hangover


What kinds of precautions do you know to prevent the next nasty hangover from drinking too much? Many Vodka lovers would like to be on the safe side. Just in case. You never know! But now, there might be a brillant solution to the inevitavle problem: Someone invented a Bio-Vodka enriched with vitamins. The producing company promises that Vodka hangovers belong to the past. You can probably drink some Vodka shots or cocktails too much and still look pretty smart the next day. Very convenient, I must say. For many Vodka drinkers, it sounds like a dream come true.

Add Vodka to some Vitamins!
Some guys by the name of Darryl Tombleson and Bradley Mitton work for “The Vitamin Alcohol Company”. Their main concern is to fight the unpleasant and unavoidable hangover-phenomenon in an intelligent way. The less intelligent way is, not to drink Vodka at all. But since that is no option for most of us, different solutions must be found. One of these is a new “Vitamin Vodka”, made from certified organic ingredients. The secret of this fluid and alcoholic anti-hangover-therapy is the addition of preventive vitamins like B, C or K, topped by the lack of artificial ingredients. Normally, Vodka producers keep the precise ingredient list of their drinks under secrecy. But in this case, Bradley Mitton spilled the anti-hangover secret in an interview with “Munchies”.

What good is the addition of some vitamins in Vodka, you might ask. Well, the plan is that they fill up the nutrients that get lost during drinking phases. Vodka lovers will also not get dehydrated, Mitton promised. Loss of nutrients and dehydration combined, produce the hangover-phenomenon. Instead of telling “Munchies” about the quantities of vitamins in every Vodka shot, Mitton stated that we consume the equivalent of a multivitamin-cocktail when we drink four shots. All will be well at last! We know now how to get very drunk, while “Vitamin Vodka” enables us to resist all bacteria more easily. On top of that, notorious “Mister Hangover” will not appear to make us feel miserable.

Tested and and approved
Vodka drinkers do not fall for promises. The producers of “Vitamnin Vodka” know that. Bradley Mitton admitted that while testing his own product, he never ever experienced a hangover. He did not reveal how many shots he consumed in each test. But when I reveal where the producers live, you can come to your own conclusions regarding alcoholic intake. “The Vitamin Alcohol Company” resides in Sydney, Australia. It is unimagineable that Mitton and Tombleson did not test their innovative product on others. My hangover-advice is: Stick to “Vitamin Vodka” and do not drink anything else during the evening.


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