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Which Vodka is the best?

What’s the best Vodka? Who is able to answer the ultimate question that all Vodka drinkers have in mind? No expert is …

Anastasia Vodka

AnestasiA Vodka – Review

A review and personal opinion of the AnestasiA Vodka How convenient that a Vodka like “AnestasiA” reminds one of an alcoholic anesthesia …

Quinoa Vodka

Quinoa Vodka Review

Quinoa Vodka from FIRST – The “Fair Trade Spirits Company” – a Review It is interesting to drink a Vodka that is …

wired vodka

Vodka with weird tastes and aromas

  Vodka with weird aromas Vodka is a comparatively tasteless liquid, unless you prefer its flavored versions. Alternatively, you probably inhale your …

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